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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Earthly Displeasure

How happy I am to see this week to its conclusion. It has been full of physical ailment, a break-up, and a death. The only constants in Snobby’s silly little life this week have been his cat and this blog. That’s pretty pathetic. But there are always ways of making yourself feel better. One is to find a target.

My target was a Christian fundamentalist preacher whose site (I refuse to link to it) I stumbled into by mistake and with whom I entered a little email war of ideals. When I first sent my email, I wasn’t respecting any response except maybe to be placed on some sort of Jesus mailing list. But he wrote back almost immediately (last minue Sunday sermon writing, I assume - apparently the Word of God can be but aside for earthly pleasures by preachers too), and I reponded. I remained respectful in my words – after all, my goal was not to offend, just to say my piece (and appearing to remain respectful is a great way of condescending, too) – but I was surprised at how quickly he descended into antagonistic language. Why do so many people take questions as a form of disrespect rather than interest?

In any case, I let it go on too long. You have to admit that this was a much more creative solution to my agitated state that getting drunk in a bar and a) sleeping with someone just wrong for many many reasons b) picking a fight c) staring morosely into the distance as my friends dance and cruise, but I let it go on too long because I sincerely wished he would just stop and consider, not change his entire belief system. After all these many mistake-filled years I still surprise myself with my naïveté.

When he threatened to have his entire congregation email me (which would technically be illegal according to our southern neighbour’s anti-spam laws) I gave up, knowing his unfair tactics had beaten me. It seems he is so insecure in the beliefs he preaches that he has to resort to a childlike, “I’m gonna make everyone hate you!” I find that sad on many levels.

Interestingly enough, he never threw at me the stereotypical “You are going to burn in the eternal flames of hellfire!” or anything like that. That was disappointing. I mean, if you’re gonna fight with a preacher you want a little fire and brimstone.

Now I see that I chose the wrong target. It didn’t make me feel better. It made me feel worse. Not only did I have an odd week but also all of humanity is in a terrible state, being guided by vane leaders who prefer ignorance over knowledge. The world really is a horrible place.

If his view of the world is right, his last word is indeed the last word. However, if my view of the world is right, it doesn’t matter who has the last word because all beliefs are good as long as no one is harmed in the process.

So, this afternoon I’m going to see “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” with AA, JP, and SA, which seems to be the perfect movie after physical ailments, a fruitless fight with a fundamentalist, a break-up, and a death. But before then I will go slaughter some stegosauruses.

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