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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Random Neurons Firing

I’m still not used the time change and allowed myself to sleep in all the way until 8:00 this morning. This makes me feel decadent and dangerous. Such a rebel!

Pop Quiz
Test you grammar skills. Snobby is, of course, a Grammar God (their words, not mine)!
Feel inadequate now!

Arts and Crafts
On the other end of the spectrum, have fun with this. I made one that looks exactly like me, but I couldn’t figure out how to upload it onto here (I can hear all the other bloggers snickering behind my back – stop snickering & tell me how to do it!). Waste some valuable time!

I nabbed the quiz and the South Park thing from here.

What the Hell is my Cat Thinking?
My cat’s name is Noudnic, which is the French spelling of the Yiddish (and now Hebrew) for…well Yiddish is hard to translate sometimes; it’s difficult to get across the entire meaning of a word in a language that has 100 words for “idiot”. Let’s just say that “nudnik” means something like “pain in the butt”. This isn’t always a fair name for him, because he’s happy, cute, and sweet (like Snobby), but he has no way to complain about his name. He can’t talk! He does, after all, have a brain the size of a brussels sprout.

Right now, he is galloping from one end of the apartment to the other, jumping over furniture 5 times his height. Now, is he thinking this?:

Gawd, it is so nice to stretch my legs for once. This place is so boring and I’m like totally crawling out of my skin. I’d go outside, but it’s weird and smelly out there. And would it be too much to get the crap scooped out of my litter once in a while?!

Or, is he thinking this?:


When he first joined my household, he discovered that bookshelves can be climbed like trees and that books make a really cool sound when you knock them off. So I would often hear a lot of scratch scratch thump thump scratch thumpthumpthump thumpthump thump and see him standing on the stop of my now empty shelves with his tail up in the air, which is the feline version of “Wow! This place is like totally cool!”

Since then, he’s discovered that sharpening his claws in my tatami carpet provokes a much better reaction from me. Hence the name.

Mother Nature, Bitch Goddess
Had Indian food for last night. I love Indian food, but it often has a little war with certain parts of my body when these certain parts attempt to break it down and turn it into nutrition, if you understand what I’m getting at. So, nature calls.

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