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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Snobby's Pot Pourri

How many of you knew that pot pourri means "rotten pot" in French?

I just stepped out of the Horrifying Shower of Agony and Lava and am therefore still a little cranky, plus my throat hurts a little from screaming at my neighbours to let me take a shower in peace, ferchrissake! Cleanliness may be a virtue, but it comes at a high, high price in Snobby’s apartment. Yes. A high, high price ...

Let me say that you people are no help at all! 50% say I should go to my stupid interview this afternoon and 50% say I shouldn’t? Good thing I can think for myself. I had to tip the balance myself after receiving an email from someone I’d never met before that basically said “You go girl!” on the subject of Snobby’s unemployment. I extrapolated and voted on her behalf against the Inane Interview of Wasting Life Force, and then replied to her email informing her of my action. Well, she wrote back admitting that she had been drinking heavily at the time and that I must never, never write her again lest her family discover she’d been communicating with an odd Jewish pansy from the Colonies (I am of course exaggerating, Anonymous Email Lady; you must always take with half a grain of salt whatever you read on Snobby’s blog).

(PS - Anonymous Email Lady, I did go to your blog and yes indeed you are an odd little duckie, but I don’t think you’re as far gone as you think you are…you want me to link to your site or do you prefer anonymity? And since you like badgers so much, check this out - turn your computer's speakers on.)

Now, let me state that I do not want the job I am interviewing for this afternoon, no matter how dire my finances are getting. So put that in your engine and rev it!

Finally, to all you book lovers out there…check the link to the right called “Award-winning Chandra”. Then read this review. Now go out and buy the book. And if any of my hundreds of thousands of loyal readers in the GTA are looking for something cultural to do on Tuesday, May 4, come to the Cameron House (408 Queen West) at 7:30 for her book launch. I’ve known Chandra for almost half my life and I’m immensely proud of her.

Plus, I need to stay on her good side so I can have a t least one good contact for whenever my snaggin fraggin novel is baggin maggin ready! ;-)

Be well and think of me conversing with the Sucker of Souls this afternoon.

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