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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Des patentes épatantes

(day pa-tahnt ay-pa-tahnt, “amazing doodads” in Québécois French)

Search Engine
I am growing increasingly amused at some of the searches that are bringing people to Snobby. There is consequently a new section below “Tell Uncle Snobby” to document my amusement. I won’t put in the numerous search results for “unemployed” I see because that search actually makes sense and should not be poked fun at, although I would dearly love to know what those people think of this site. To them I say, “Start your own blog!” However, I will put in the first search for “snobby” I see, as I am in the #1 position when you google that word. I am the Snobbiest of almost 87 000 snobs! Why would someone search for the word “snobby”?

I really wish people who stumble into Snobby’s Unemployment Office by accident would let me know what they think. Have their expectations of the Net been lowered or is Snobby to become a fun new pastime for them?

My amazing friend, Médecin-Sans-Frontières, gave me a new copy of my lost Metric album when I went over to his place for a couple of beers yesterday evening. It was stolen along with 23 other favourites right out of my bag while my back was turned, fumbling for my cell phone in front of my apartment, while waiting for above mentioned great friend to pick me up for our drive to Montreal a few weeks ago. One replacement down, 23 to go. Now that I think of it, this may explain the difficulties described in yesterday’s bloggie.

What a great friend he is!

Noudnic does not like it when I sleep past 7AM and usually wakes me up if I sleep in simply by staring at me. This morning he had a new approach. He jumped on my bed at around 7:20 and swatted my nose repeatedly – without claws – until I awoke. He then drew his little kitty head close to my mouth to smell my breath, immediately recoiled violently, and dashed away to cower under my desk. True story.

Snobby Breakfast
This morning I had bagels and boursin instead of bagels and cream cheese. Delicious! Try it!

Check out this thing I nabbed off of Adam's blog. Shockingly, I am "green", defined as follows:
At work or in school: I work best by myself. I like to focus on my ideas until my desire for understanding is satisfied. I am easily bored if the subject holds no interest to me. Sometimes, it is hard for me to set priorities because so many things are of interest.
With friends: I may seem reserved. Although my thoughts and feelings run deep, I am uneasy with frequent displays of emotion. I enjoy people who are interesting and of high integrity.
With family: I am probably seen as a loner because I like a lot of private time to think. Sometimes, I find family activities boring and have difficulty following family rules that don't make sense to me. I show love by spending time with my family and sharing ideas and interests.
Like I needed the Net to tell me that.

Flow It, Show It, Long as God Can Grow It
For the third day in a row Snobby is having a great hair day. However, the butch chic of my stubble is beginning to transmogrify into an unclean itinerant look. I will therefore have to shave. I hate shaving. I don’t know why.

Dear Diary
Go to Charles’ blog and find the Sunday, April 4 bloggie about the diary he found, and then click on the link to read selected entries. It will blow you away.

Dear Dairy
Go to Angry Alien, turn your speakers on, and click on “Amy’s Diary”. After you’ve picked yourself up off the floor and regained your breath, check out the rest of the site. It will blow you away too.

Give a little bit of money to a charitable organization today.

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