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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Go Bump in the Night

Crash! Bang! Bong! Bump! Like a teenager in a slasher movie, I stumbled naked through the gloom to investigate the strange noises in the dark, my dream of a Bollywood star not my fiancé beginning to fade. I lurched groggily into the living room and was unprepared for the wreckage that awaited me. Their bodies littered the floor, spines bent and folded into unnatural positions. On its perch high above, the vicious creature with large glowing eyes surveyed the destruction he had wrought. An expression of triumphant joy shone on its face.

This regal-looking creature discovered that if you knock off all the books, you can climb the bookshelves like a tree. And the books make such a great sound as they hit the ground; you can have endless fun simply by knocking them off and watching them tumble to the floor. He looked so proud of himself. He even chirped a little greeting at me from the highest shelf as I fell to my knees in a little literary triage. It was such an original way of misbehaving that I could not be angry at him. I went back to dreaming about Zulfi.

It will hardly be as cute if it happens again tonight, however. Anyone have any good cat recipes? Just being proactive...
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Don't laugh too much at my super-ugly couch. It's really, really comfy!

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