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Sunday, May 16, 2004

La La La La La La La

Yesterday while having brunch with Cigar-And-Leather-Sex-Boy, we witnessed a very curious sight. A young woman in one of those silly frilly miniskirts that died when the Go-Go's broke up - the ones that have recently been resurrected like brain-eating zombies (or maybe they’ve been resurrected for those whose brains have already been eaten) - walked by our favourite brunch spot. Her head was tilted to one side and the corresponding shoulder was lifted. This gave her the appearance of the living dead lurching down the street. It wasn't the case, though. She was just cradling her cell phone. You see, she needed both hands free so she could apply her lip-gloss as she slunk towards her very important date.

Although Cigar-And-Leather-Sex-Boy and I were not exactly discussing Pre-Socratic influences on controversial philosopher Heidegger's later theories (we were discussing hot boys), my immediate thought when I saw her was still "How vain. How vapid." I can just imagine her side of the conversation:

"So I was all, like, y'know, and he goes "chill" and I was like "I am so totally sure!" He is, like, so busted. It's like oh my god! You can not be serious."

Perhaps I am the vain and vapid one by being so quick to judge a book by its cover. Perhaps she was indeed discussing Heidegger.

"It’s like, he totally ripped off the Pre-Socratics. Totally! Helloooo! You are so full of it!"

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