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Sunday, May 02, 2004

Scattered Showers

I am still cranky and it is getting tedious. How many grumpy moments must one suffer before one returns to one’s habitual state of slumbering contentment? A few more, apparently.

This is an abridged list of the things I’ve found wrong with the past 24 hours:
  • It’s raining (screw that “April showers bring May flowers crap”. It’s May 2, already);

  • While walking down the street with Urbaniteur-Franco-Ontarien yesterday afternoon, a car drove by and someone shouted out of it, “Faeries!” In downtown Toronto! In 2004! I almost flapped my gossamer wings and flew after the car to cast a hex on them (“I transform your Honda into a Pacer!” – taken from here). Instead I pretended it was funny. hahahaha…;

  • I seem to be developing a cold, which does not jive with an encounter I’m supposed to have with a very cute guy this afternoon;

  • I suffered from insomnia last night, which does not jive with…see above;

  • For two days in a row my weekend hour-and-a-half of "The Simpsons" has been pre-empted for golf. Golf! It's more dreary than figure skating and curling combined!
  • I lent my brolly to The British Diplomat last night and now it’s raining and I have no food in my house and I’m hungry and cranky and feeling sorry for myself for very little reason.

It’s all too horrible to truly comprehend, isn’t it.

But because life is fun, one serendipitous thing just happened to lighten my mood. My cat, whose name is Noudnic (nood-neek, meaning “pain in the butt” in Hebrew), just did something hilarious. He is absolutely entranced by things he cannot have, and so when I heard Splash! Crash! splop… splip… splop… splap… coming from the bedroom, I knew something feline was afoot. Sure enough, a creature resembling more a waterlogged otter than a cat appeared in the living room soon after. As it turns out, he had reached up my nightstand with his little kitty claws and knocked a plastic pint glass off that was almost completely full of water, and most of it got on him.

Now he’s sitting in one of the living room windows trying to look austere and sphinx-like. Yeah right, Noudnic. You meant to do it. You decided it was time to take a shower. Hahahahaha. Silly cat.

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