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Monday, August 09, 2004

Granola and Pizza

Yesterday afternoon I hung out with this guy and I discovered that, as he had claimed, he does indeed have excellent taste in women. Did I forget to mention that he's pretty cool too?

Then on my way home there was an unexpected downpour and I found myself trapped in very very close quarters in the sheltered doorway of Pizzaiolo on Queen West with two very cute men from Montreal. These two very cute men from Montreal a) thought I was pretty cute and spoke about to at length to each other in French and b) didn't know that I speak French. So, although the potential for porn was high, what with wet clingy t-shirts showing off some very impressive pecs and Surly uttering such cheezy lines as "I know where you can come . . . to dry off" and all (Hi, Surly's cool and open-minded parents who occasionally read this blog!), I wimped out and simply gave them directions when they asked me how to get somewhere (can I flub a golden opportunity or what!) in my practically perfect Montreal French. However I did enjoy that the very cute one giggled like a child when he heard my French and that the even cuter one blushed.

I felt instant regret as they wandered away, damp shorts clinging to their perfect posteriors. Instead I came home and watched TV. Yay, Surly.

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