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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

In the Style of Mr. V

Not the Gay Olympics?

Not the Gay Olympics? / Image Hosted by
Greek divers win gold.

Pillaged from Mr. “Rose Nylund” V


The invasion begins . . . / Image Hosted by
“The Crop Circle, which appeared near Silbury Hill in England last month, features a Aztec/Mayan calendar.”

Pillaged from 2012

Roots Angers Both Sides of the Border

Image Hosted by“Roots is a Canadian brand for Canuks, not for our Olympic athletes.” -- MattyG

And Canadians resent the rows and rows of Team USA paraphenalia in our stores. No one is happy on either side of the border and we should all let Roots know.


Harel Moyal and Harel Skaat / Image Hosted by
Pillaged from 2 כוכב נולד

Jaws in 30 Seconds . . .

Jaws in 30 seconds and re-enacted by bunnies / Image Hosted by

Haphazardly thrown together by Surly
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