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Sunday, October 17, 2004


Surly spends a couple of hours surfing the net:

Hello Darkness My Old Friend ...


  • OK so like why do ppl say things like that???!??!?!??!!?!?! I was just siting by my self waiting for math clas 2 beggin and that skank RS came over and like totaly yelled at me!!!!!!!! Wuddup wit dat beeatch? Im like SoOoOoOoOoOo PiSsEd!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love my friends! ByYyYyYyEeEeEeEeEe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I had a dream last night that we lost to the [some sports team] 24-10. I woke up to a wet bed.

  • Welcome to my first entry. I need to expel some demons.

I am still mystified as to how anyone could disagree / Photo hosting and image hosting by
  • It is a hitherto lesser known fact that, as I have often stated in the past, as regular readers know due to the discussions of this all-too important fact and issue that I have mentioned on several occasions, you know the one I mean, in which dissenting views, which have been more than adequately enumerated here since the beginning of this discussion even though dissenters have not thought the facts through although I have clearly laid them out here on several occasions – as you well know – and I am still mystified as to how anyone could disagree.

  • My cat Mrs. Floopikins is peeved at me again.

  • Jesus hates those Democrat asses to Hell!

  • Did everyone catch Bush drooling during the last “debate”? Loser!

  • Ok, after a long time away I've decided to come back to Blogging. Finally something really interesting to write about. I'm studying Computer Games Software Engineering at [some university].

  • The life of me, in a nutshell.

 CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! / Photo hosting and image hosting by
  • [Cursor turns into a red, pulsating and then into a magenta unicorn, into a , a unicorn, and so forth; miniscule baby blue font against a pink background; characters from Japanese animation in the corner ; giant pink banner flashes ‘LOVE TO LOVE’ ; “DID YOU EVER KNOW THAT YOU’RE MY HEEEEEEEROOOOOOO?!?!?!?!?!” suddenly blasts through my speakers] click [popup stating “You can’t leave me now! I’ll cry!”] CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! [‘right click’ and ‘back’ disabled; pop up stating “Where are you going?!?!?!?!?! I’m crying now!!!! BOO HOO HOO HOO HOO!!!!!”; speakers blast “YOU ARE THE WIIIIIIIIIIIIND BEENEEEEEEATH MY WIIIIIIIINGS!”; close browser and reboot computer for good measure; run spyware and virus check]
  • This is a photo of my toenail just before it fell off. Gross!
*sigh* click

Over the Rainbow

Warning: All your dreams will not come true by clicking on the link / Photo hosting and image hosting by
  • But seriously, if you sign up for this thing, all your dreams will come true. All of them. Really!
[Warning: All your dreams will not come true by clicking on the link above.]

Cool Crowd

  • Who wants Gmail? Who needs Gmail? I certainly do; I’m cool and cool people have Gmail. I’ve only used it like twice, but I’m cool because I have Gmail. If you want to be cool too, e-mail me. What’s the matter? Afraid your mommy will find out?
Oy! I’m going for a drink.

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