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Monday, November 08, 2004

הראל סקעת

Between rancid e-mails over my political opinions, some extremely rude house guests who should really have just walked to the next street if they didn't like the colour of my house, and one death threat over one (1) Hebrew word in a previous entry (all in the space of 4 short days!), I have forgotten why precisely it is that I enjoy writing online.

So I asked some friends to remind me. Over the next few days I will remain silent while some of my favourite writers take over for me. The suggested topic is "Why Do You Blog?", but any topic is just ducky as far as I'm concerned.

Until then, here is some more Hebrew. One of the cutest men in the world, Israeli singer Harel Skaat:

Harel Skaat- הראל סקעת / Image Hosted by

הראל סקעת

Harel Skaat - הראל סקעת / Image Hosted by

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